Tuesday, September 15, 2009

You are such a classy philanthropist!!!

Bring out your classy philanthropic side by supporting an Independent film!
Donate over $100 dollars and you will get an associate producer's credit on the film!
Our friend and kick-ass DP, ZAK MULLIGAN is co-writing and directing, as well as DP-ing
this independent short film called I'm Not Me. They are trying to raise a very modest sum via a site called Kickstarter

You can go to the site, watch a preview (it looks fascinating already!) and read the synopsis and decide how much you are willing to help out (starting at $1). They are also offering an opportunity to appear as an extra in the film, so you can help some talented people out, work on your ascension to fame and glory as an actor, PLUS get a producer's credit....
They don't get the funding unless they reach their goal within 90 days, so please at least check it out....

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