Tuesday, September 22, 2009


When an amazing art director I worked with approached me to help out with a new project he was working on involving elaborate specialized printing processes I was overjoyed at the opportunity to see what was possible. Well, I just received the preliminary copy of the book they produced and it blew my mind. Quantum along with Jeremy Bristol put together a hard cover embossed
book of my images using holographic materials, metallic inks, super-high gloss polymer materials, matte (almost powdery paper), and a bunch of other finishes that I have never even seen before.
I took some snapshots (which hardly do it justice)
You need to feel it to really get it...


  1. Dear Amber,, i love your pics, your jobs,wonderful jobs.You are reference for me, in my jobs.
    I knew its work makes 1 year..Since then I changed my head..the vision..the direction.
    love your jobs.
    I am a Brazilian photographer who loves its photos.thanske for its talent, your wonderful
    sorry my inglish.
    Paulo Cottê

  2. Amber, your images are magnificent! It was truly an honor for us to utilize your images in our book. When you start with outstanding artistic photography like yours the opportunity to demonstrate unique print techniques are limitless. Our entire staff enjoyed the opportunity to implement the techniques that often are not employed due to the conservative nature of corporate clientele.

    Thank you
    Bob Davies
    VP Marketing Solutions

  3. Amber, your photos are beautiful! Everyone loves them. Thanks again for partnering with Quantum Group. I would also like to thank Arnie Feffer, VP Brand Building Print Quantum Group. And, Jeremy Bristol, Carl Medley III, Jill Beeler, and Sally Miles for their contributions.

    Steve Theriault, Chief Marketing Officer
    Quantum Group