Friday, September 25, 2009

Melvin Sokolsky!

We went to see the legendary fashion/conceptual photographer Melvin Sokolsky speak at the National Arts Club last night. The dude is 78 years old, and still tack sharp. He showed a ton of images from his new book, appropriately called Archive, and talked candidly for over two hours. He could not stress enough how the "bubble images" had nothing to do with Photoshop, which seems obvious since they were shot in the 60's...BUT even after his 20 proclamations somebody raised their hand and asked if he used Photoshop on those images....(I was floored), and he just snapped into the fit of eye-rolling that is befitting such a lame question. are some pics of the event as well as some of his iconic images.

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  1. Correction Amber, the dude is 75 years young!!!