Tuesday, August 14, 2012

tea time?

For as much as I whine about how lame the British Royals are, and how they a shiningly insipid example of being famous and powerful for all the wrong reasons..I do rather like British music, art, people(generally, anyway)...I particularly like English gardens and teatime, which is why we were happy to shoot this surreal tea-time in the garden inspired shoot for Marie Claire China..China is far away,
and they likened it to Downton Abbey, which makes sense I guess given the rather small window into Anglophilic pastimes the Chinese population is privy to...


  1. this is magnificent. i especially love the styling i love how the flowers have been accessorized

  2. Love the overall set of images and the creative flow. Such elegance and innocence.

  3. Beautiful colors
    I like this style

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