Monday, July 9, 2012

Fellini-esque new ad campaign for The Borgata!

So, we recently shot the new ad campaign for The Borgata ( a really nice hotel & casino in Atlantic City).
The idea for the shoot was basically....freaking CHAOS!!!
This shot was sort of about what would happen if a Suicide King came out of a vortex into a party
with a ten-foot champagne-glass tower, a girl driving a vespa with a pig in the sidecar, a butt-rocker
shredding on a flying-v guitar, an old lady with a swan on her head, a girl riding an albino bull, and
a human disco-ball.  It was all done in-camera, so the set build and light was was the shoot in general.  It is rare that a commercial client really wants to GO I was grateful to
be working with people that weren't all "just do it in post" to save $ and time.
I think that the reality of (such an surreal situation), is what gives it it's life.
The behind-the-scenes clip is pretty was the last shot of the second day, and I pretty much just told the models to leave their posts and go BUCKWILD. 

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