Sunday, September 19, 2010

W Magazine?

I shot Selena Gomez for an album cover in Los Angeles this July, and photographer Lauren Greenfield came to document the behind-the-scenes for W Magazine. The feature just came out, and what do you know, there is a double-page-spread of
my boyfriend (Julian) bombed-out in the clouds with teen sensation Selena Gomez (who is screwing around, btw, not actually praying, while her hairstylist lacquers the the bejesus out of her hair)
Please Note: our cloud set was awesome
This was one of three huge sets that we had built for that shoot on a soundstage


  1. Hey Amber Gray, please publish the photo shoot of Selena Gomez for her new music album A Year Without Rain, you're a great inspiration for me! <3

  2. "What did you use for clouds?" asked the anonymous cloud enthusiast.