Wednesday, October 28, 2009


So last week was Photo Expo, and it turned out to be a busy one.
We did a RED Camera event with Broncolor, sort of showing how a photographer used to Bron's light modifiers for strobes can move into their HMI range using similar if the not the exact same modifiers.  The crowd was appreciative and interested, except for the older German tourist dude, who pelted us unrelentingly with extremely specific technical questions that could only pertain to him.  I was bored halfway through the first third of each of his questions, and had very little interest in humoring him...  Luckily Julian and Matt (the RED Tech were willing to go the extra mile).
Here are a few stills along with the footage we shot...
It's silly, but fun...

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  1. love love your job!!!!!! amooo seu trabalhooo!me inspiro!!! obrigado. thanks.